Bodhi Street
Bodhi Street
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 菩提街
Pinyin Name
Affiliation Requiem Street
District Unknown
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 18

Bodhi Street[1] is a street within Requiem Street.




The area was originally occupied by a group of good willed spirits. However, due to the overwhelming increase of evil spirits, they all were forced to build a new home.[1]

Spirit Army ArcEdit

When Cao Yan Bing and Xia Ling entered Bodhi Street, they saw Bai Shui Er being chased by a evil departed spirit. After her being saved by Li Xuan Yuan, she asked Cao Yan Bing & Xia Ling to help to save Gou Er. Agreeing to help they headed towards Mirror Village.[1]

Returning from Mirror Village, Cao Yan Bing & Xia Ling headed towards the edge of Bodhi Street, were they was confronted by the Spirit Army. While the two parties were exchanging words, they was irrupted by the arrival of Bei Luo Shi Men, who challenged Cao Yan Bing to a fight for the next day.[2]

Known ResidentsEdit


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