Cao Xuan Liang
Cao Xiao Liang
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 曹玄亮
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Epithet Bomber (轰炸机)
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Cao Yan Bing (Brother)
Occupation Requiem General[1]
Affiliation Rakshasa Street
Guardian Spirit(s) Tang Liu Yu
Spirit Level Samghata[2]
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 1
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"Bomber" Cao Xuan Liang (曹玄亮 Cáo Xuán Liàng)[3] is current Requiem General of the Rakshasa Street.[1]


Being Cao Yan Bing's littler brother, Xuan Liang shares his older brother's burgundy-colored hair.

In the Anime it's well explain that he is indeed Yan Bing's elder brother, that got stabbed by the machination of Lu Tianyou and revived as a spirit. In the anime He tried his best to uphold the promise he made to his father of taking care of Rakshasa Street and protecting his little brother, something that he does awakening his guardian at a very young age and by ultimately protecting his brother at the cost of his own life.


Abilities and PowersEdit


Lightning Splash:[4]

Pear Blossoms in the Storm (暴雨梨花):[4]


Guardian SpiritEdit

Main article: Tang Liu Yu



Prologue ArcEdit

Cao Xuan Liang is seen sparing against Xu Chu, until Cao Yan Bing calls for them to end it. Cao Yan Bing tells him that he's full of openings when in battle, as well as not having enough spiritual power to defend himself or Rakshasa Street, and orders him to keep training. While awake during the night he wonders if his brother is annoyed about always looking after him. Realising it will take him a long time to be independent, he claims he needs a stronger power, and sets of to find a Guardian Spirit. Later on, he comes across a Spirit and asks it to join him. Until numerous departed Spirits, suddenly appear before him.[5]

Rakshasa Street ArcEdit

Cao Xiao Liang Treats Cao Yan Bing

Cao Xuan Liang treats Cao Yan Bing's injury.

Cao Xuan Liang is seen treating his brother Cao Yan Bing, while mentioning about receiving a Spirit Voice Mail, asking if they should respond. Told not worry about it, as he doesn't want to be the first, and there's plenty of Rare-Soul Users. Yan Bing suddenly becomes silence. Yan Bing asks him if he heard it, he agrees. Yan Bing smirks and claims a bunch of idiots came to play, while Xuang questions about there being a human.
Cao Xiao Liang & Cao Yan Bing's Roof Observation

Cao Xuang Liang & Cao Yan Bing observe the number of departed spirits.

Standing on top of a building, he fires an arrow at a Departed Spirit. Mentioning being on time and there's a lot of them. On the ground, crouched down next a girl, he tells her she looks like a normal person. And that, she's walked through the gates of hell. Explaining she's in Requiem Street, where each street has a Requiem General to maintain order, his brother is Rakshasa Street's Requiem General. When his brother and the girl recognise each other and begin to argue, he covers his ears.[3]


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