Li Xuan Yuan
Li Xuan Yuan
Characteristics Information
Chinese Name 李轩辕
Rōmaji Name
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color White
Affiliation Xia Ling
Spirit Type Human Martial Spirit
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 8
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Li Xuan Yuan (李轩辕)[1] is the Guardian Spirit of Xia Ling.



Abilities and PowersEdit


The Arts of Nine Yang Seventh Stage: Dragon Spirit:[1]



He was once given a duty by his master and was sent off to seek the service of the Muwen family. While there by chance he meet Muwen Yuan Xiang and despite the distance between them, he could clearly smell her. They were both captivated by each other and soon, they fell in love. However, the good days didn't last. Muwen Yuan Xiang was diagnosed with an incurable illness which grew more severe by the days. Knowing of only one way to save her, he rushed back to the demon cave and fought his brothers, intending to borrow the Gourd of Purification. During that time, the Gourd of Purification awakened and he went berserk. His master used the chains of cosmos to bound him to it. Thanks to the bell of serenity given to him by Yuan Xiang, his soul was preserved. However there was no escape for him from the chains even after he died.[1]

Rakshasa Street ArcEdit

After Xia Ling consumes the leaf of sacred Pagoda Tree. She was able to break the heart chains on Li Xuan Yuan.

Spirit Army ArcEdit

Requiem General of Bodhi StreetEdit

Li Xuan Yuan appears saving Bai Shui Er from two evil departed spirits. When she asks who he is, he declares himself as an ally.[2]

Battle in Yulin StreetEdit

Located in a small building, Xia Ling asks him about Bai Shui Er's condition. Mentioning it's not good, having the arrow pierce through her internal organs, they discovered her a little to late, as her spiritual energy has been drained, and his medication can only preserve her life temporarily. Questioned about his Gourd being able cure all illnesses, Xia Ling asks can't it heal Shui Er's injuries. He informs her Shui Er's condition is bad, and there's nothing he can do about it. When Cao Yan Bing asks how long she has left, he informs that she is alive is a miracle and once the medication wears off she won't make it past the night. After Shui Er informs them all of the Spirit Army's actions, Li Xuan Yuan becomes enraged and refers to them as scum bags, claiming they are no army and just a bunch of bandits.[3]


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