Shi Ri
Shi Ri
Characteristics Information
Chinese Name 噬日
Rōmaji Name
Hair Color
Eye Color
Affiliation Nan Fu Yu
Spirit Type Demon Martial Spirit
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 46
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Shi Ri is the Guardian Spirit of Nan Fu Yu that he can only summon with the consumption of a "Golden Pill".



Abilities and PowersEdit

Due to its large size Shi Ri was capable of destroying anything surrounding it such as the Spirit Army's main hall. It has the ability to absorb energy from the atmosphere and it grows with time. Using its tentacles it could create numerous cannoned beamed attacks and fire them at will. According to Bei Luo Shi Men upon its release it had yet to evolve into its "true form".


Shi Ri first appears when Nan Fu Yu sacrifices himself to release his Guardian Spirit. Upon its release to due its size it towers through the Spirit Army's main hall. Upon noticing Xia Ling, Cao Yan Bing and Bei Luo Shi Men below. Using its tentacles it creates cannoned beamed attacks and begins firing at them.[1]


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