Ying Cheng Feng
Ying Cheng Feng
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 应乘风
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Occupation Spirit General (Formerly)[1]
Affiliation Spirit Army

Yulin Street

Guardian Spirit(s)
Spirit Level
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 20
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Ying Cheng Feng (应乘风)[2] formerly known under the allias Tai Wei (太微, Tài wēi)[1] was a Spirit General of Yulin Street.


He appears to a man of average height, who wears a grey outfit with white selves and a belt. The outfit has a pattern down the middle and sides. His right hand appears to be a large black hand, similar to a claw.


Abilities and PowersEdit

He has the power to summon darkness that can suck on the souls of Humans.[3]


Tai Wei's Technique

Tai Wei's Hand Technique.

Hand Technique: He is able to summon a number of small portals, with large hands sticking out of them. The hands can reach any distance. This is first seen during his battle against Cao Yan Bing, and his Guardian Spirits.[3]


Spirit Army ArcEdit

Requiem General of Bodhi StreetEdit

He is introduced telling Zi Wei and Tian Shi, for them not to fight any meaningless battles, as they wouldn't want to create unnecessary side issues.[1]

When the Spirit Army invades Mirror Village, he is asked by Tian Shi if he will continue to watch the attack. He claims to have no interest in killing the weak. Tian Shi then remarks about him being noble when he's a devil.[4]



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