Yulin Street
Yulin Street
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 羽林街
Pinyin Name
Affiliation Requiem Street
District Unknown
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 28

Yulin Street[1] is a street within Requiem Street.


Yulin Street's architecture is based on the system of ancient Chinese constellations, particularly, the "twenty eight mansions" and "three enclosures". Such as, the main military forces are focussed on three enclosures, the purple forbidden enclosure, supreme place and the heavenly market enclosure. On top of that, it's road system is very narrow and similar to that of mazes with it's many twists and turns. Therefore it is believed to be impermeable during invasions.[2]


Spirit Army ArcEdit

Known CitizensEdit

Yulin Street
Nan Fu Yu Portrait Zi Wei Portrait Tai Wei Portrait Tian Shi Portrait
Nan Fu Yu Zi Wei Tai Wei Tian Shi


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