Zi Wei
Zi Wei
Biographical Information
Chinese Name 紫薇
Rōmaji Name
Characteristics Information
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Occupation Spirit General[1]
Affiliation Spirit Army

Yulin Street

Guardian Spirit(s)
Spirit Level
First Appearance
Manhua Debut Chapter 20
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Zi Wei[1] is the Spirit General of Yulin Street.



Abilities and PowersEdit


Transformation: Zi Wei was able to transform herself into a demon like creature.[2]



Spirit Army ArcEdit

Requiem General of Bodhi StreetEdit

When the Spirit Army comes across two people, Zi Wei appears claiming their blocking the path, and asks Tian Shi to let her finish them. Tian Shi tells her she should do well not to underestimate them. Telling him she always goes all out. Shortly after introducing themselves, Nan Fu Yu tells Cao Yan Bing he'll have to annul their plans, Zi Wei agrees with Tian Shi, when he says things are getting interesting.[1]

When the Spirit Army invades Mirror Village, Zi Wei with her chain beheads residents of the village who intended to fight back. When a woman asked her to spare her child. Zi Wei killed the child and told the woman although she can't find it within herself to kill everyone. The higher ups have offered a exciting reward so what does her sympathy matter.[3]



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